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The new Livebox, the future in a box

Now an essential feature in houses or apartments, internet boxes may seem quite ordinary, but are in fact outstanding technological products. The multiplication of wifi equipments with the deployment of fiber optic and the arrival of the famous “4K” (exceptional image resolution also known as “ultra HD”) have encouraged the development of new, increasingly powerful boxes. This is the case with the new Livebox, which has been available since May 19, 2016 and combines a whole host of technologies, designed by Orange’s engineers, developers… following years of research.

Behind the innovative design of Orange's new Livebox lies a whole range of technologies.
Behind the innovative design of Orange’s new Livebox lies a whole range of technologies.

Leading the way forward

Tuned in to the needs of web users and its customers, Orange has created this new box in line with its goal to revolutionize the market with innovative features today that will become part of our day-to-day lives tomorrow. “We are proud of this box. It responds to the change in needs expressed by our customers, who want unrivalled connectivity and expect an incomparable internet experience on every screen in the home”, explained Fabienne Dulac, Senior Executive Vice-President of Orange France, when the new Livebox was launched.

These changes are reflected in the introduction of a new Wi-Fi that performs four times better by combining two technologies (particularly a 5Ghz frequency band, opening up access to extremely quick wireless connections on your devices) that are “bringing down the walls” in your home. An innovation that was needed when we consider that households have an average of seven screens and devices connected to the internet.

Combined with Orange Fiber, this new Livebox also offers, through the TV unit, 4K image quality adapted for the Ultra HD screens that are gradually flooding the market. To fully reproduce the quality of films and series watched in your lounge, the device also includes HDR or high dynamic range technologies, which offer much brighter, more intense images, as well as compatibility with the Dolby Atmos standard, which is exactly the same as that used in cinemas, for much more realistic, immersive three-dimensional sound in your home!

Owners of adapted equipment will be able to enjoy these innovations as of now thanks to the wide selection of content with Orange’s video on demand service, as well as certain programs on the OCS channels that are already available in 4K.

Orange Gardens, one of Orange’s many labs, located in Châtillon.

Looking for technological breakthroughs

These innovations have not come about by chance. Orange has been investing in research and innovation for a long time to conceive tomorrow’s digital life. In total, near 8,000 employees, including 650 dedicated research experts, enable Orange to register around 250 patents each year, in addition to the 7,000 or so already registered.

The new Livebox, illustrating the collaboration between all these resources, can boast that it was thought up between Châtillon, Arcueil, Lannion, Blagnac, Belfort and even Guyancourt…as well as with customers themselves! “We built this project starting off from consumers, listening to our customers. For two years, our teams carried out “test and learn” initiatives to validate customer buy-in, while designing equipment that is fully aligned with the changes in their uses”, explains Fabienne Dulac.

Innovation is also driven by external talents, which is why Orange, through its Orange Fab programme, regularly supports and accelerates large numbers of startups over three months to develop the great ideas of entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.

One example is Reminiz whose facial recognition technology is now integrated into Orange’s My TV service for all users. Eventually, Orange aims to support 500 startups around the world by 2020 through its various programs.

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“The new Livebox, packed with technology, has been designed by Orange's engineers, developers… following years of research.”