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Hints and Tips

Master all the tricks, workarounds and other shortcuts to make the most of your mobile or tablet... It’s easy with our Hints and Tips!

  • How can I identify which apps are using the most energy?

    On 12/29/2016

    It’s 11 am and you’ve only got 10% of your battery left.
    Go to Settings > Power Options > App Consumption (or just Battery).
    In the blink of an eye, you will see which apps you can close to save your battery.

  • How can I personalize the Sent signature on my iPad or iPhone?

    On 12/19/2016

    Before, your signature was: “Sent from my iPad”.
    To modify this slightly boring message, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
    Click on Signature at the bottom of your screen and personalize it.
    Your signature can now be: “Sent from my bed”.

  • How can I close several apps at the same time on my iPhone?

    On 12/15/2016

    Do you want to close your apps quickly?
    Double-click on the Home button and use three fingers.
    You will close your apps three times more quickly.

  • How can I deactivate notifications on Android?

    On 12/08/2016

    Do you need to concentrate?
    Go to your phone’s settings and click on “Application Manager”.
    Click on the applications that are disturbing you and uncheck “Show notifications”.
    Over to you.

  • How can I insert emojis in OS X?

    On 12/05/2016

    Do you want to say “I love you” in emojis?
    Place the cursor where you can type text in Word, TextEdit, Twitter or Facebook… (I <3 YOU). Press Ctrl+Cmd+Space at the same time. The list of emojis and special characters will be displayed!

  • How do you take a screenshot on your iPhone?

    On 09/14/2016

    Would you like to capture your friend’s Snapchat?
    Simultaneously hold down the ‘home’ and ‘lock’ buttons.
    A new folder appears!

    Text on pictures to also translate:

    -New Album
    -Look at in 10 years

  • How do you change the system font of a Samsung Galaxy Android?

    On 08/31/2016

    Do you wish to only use the “cool jazz” font?
    Piece of cake! Go to “Settings”>Display>Font
    then pick your favorite font!

    Text on pictures to translate:
    -Set the system font
    -Sound and notifications

  • How do you launch the scientific calculator on your iPhone?

    On 08/17/2016

    Would you like to verify the Theory of Relativity?
    Start your calculator!
    Set you iPhone to Landscape Mode and type.
    P.S. Good Luck!

  • How to look for a specific word on a web page?

    On 08/03/2016

    Do you want to find a word quickly on a web page?
    Type Ctrl + F on PCs or “Apple Key + F” On Macs
    Your word will appear highlighted after typing.
    Text on pictures to translate:
    – Chicks
    – Mystery remains unsolved
    -125 chicks are still at large after 6 days of searching
    -A suspect has been spotted however

  • How do you disable your Android remotely?

    On 07/20/2016

    Are you concerned that your personal data could be seen when your Smartphone is lost or stolen?
    Install the aeGis app on your Android
    Set a password to enable the locking feature on your Smartphone.
    Lock your phone remotely by sending that password on your lost or stolen Smartphone by Text message
    Text to translate:
    Hervé just locked his phone Nice Try!

  • How do I use Google Map offline on Android?

    On 01/04/2016

    – Are you without a connection and have even less of a sense of direction?
    – Before setting off, load the map to your destination on Google Maps.
    – Type “OK Maps” in the search bar to save it.
    – Now you can leave and conquer the world!

  • How do I turn my iPhone into a flashlight?

    On 12/29/2015

    – Are you afraid of the dark?
    – On your lock screen, swipe your finger from bottom upwards
    – Tap the flashlight