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With your smartphone in the kitchen, no more wasted food!

Seven kilos per year, per person. That’s what we throw away as food waste, not eaten and still packaged. According to Ademe (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), this waste costs us about €150. And the planet is suffering too. Because every tray of green beans attacked by mold or every spoiled lettuce at the bottom of a bag of vegetables also means we’re throwing a small bit of farmland and a few thousand liters of water into the garbage. Not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions that could have been avoided, and the garbage and wastewater that have to be treated. So get your hands on some of these apps that The Collective has found for you, so that eating no longer means wasting.

OptiMiam, the Tinder of sweet-&-savory

20% off prune tarts at Breizh Gâteau in Edern, 10% off deli ham at C&M butchers on Boulevard Montparnasse in Paris… Every day, there are many promotions all around you that you can take advantage of. How? That is simple. Just download this little planning app. Using geolocation, it sends you a push notification when you get close to discounted products. By buying these tantalizing items nearing their expiry date, you not only lighten your food bill, but you also keep them from ending up in the garbage.

>> Download the app on Google Play (free)
>> Download the app from Apple Store (free)

CheckFood, or WikiLeaks in your fridge

Is the smoked salmon you have tucked away at the back of the fridge turning into gray salmon? No worries, your smartphone will send you an alert: it knows its expiry date. With this app, before putting your groceries away in the fridge, you scan all the barcodes so you can pull up a list of your favorite food whenever you want. This functionality, limited to iOS users, will also allow you to be a philanthropist. The expiry alert also gives you two choices: eat it and save up to €1,500 a year, or give anything edible to charities near you.

>> Download the app from the Apple Store (free)

Zéro-Gâchis, the promos on store end-caps

With this website and this app on iOS, you will know all the discounts on product shelves, from 30% off to 70% off. Once they are detected on your smartphone, just get your shopping cart and go collect them: the Zéro-Gâchis signs help you find them. The app updates the data regularly and you can help expand this list of retailer and supermarket promos by becoming a Zéro-Gâcheur. According to this service, which is free at 70 partner stores across the whole of France, using it would prevent 350 tons of food being thrown out each year.

>> Download the app from the Apple Store (free)

Frigo Magic, the art of using leftovers

You’ve run out of ideas and all you have in your fridge is a can of pineapple and the remains of some garlic & herb cheese… But no need to waste it by throwing it out due to lack of inspiration! Download the Frigo Magic app and its more than 230 fast and easy recipes – it will turn you into a leftovers chef. Simply select the ingredients you have in your fridge (and in your cupboards) and find a recipe you like from the list you’re offered. Then it’s up to you to add them to your sauce.

>> Download the app from Apple Store (free)

Mummyz, it’s home-cooked near you

You’re the chef tonight! But as usual, you’ve thrown yourself heart and soul into this delicious recipe for Lasagna Bolognese, and your eyes were bigger than your stomach. If you’re a Mummyzer, no worries. You can sell up to six portions of your authentic gusto italiano dish to other members geolocated via this online platform. A good way to achieve savings without waste, while making some new friends. Only one problem: for the mobile version, and only on iPhone, you’ll have to wait until the end of the year.