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Did you know?

Discover the most surprising facts and figures in digital technology.

  • 90% of exchanged money in the world is virtual
  • Street lightning represents 40% to a city’s electricity consumption
  • 78 million connected objects sold worldwide in 2015
  • 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted
  • One Google search produces 7g of CO2
  • 95% of Internet communications take place under the sea
  • On average, Apple sells 9.5 iPhones per second
  • 95% of searches carried out in Europe are via Google
  • 62% of parents play video games with their children
  • There are more than 1 million km of Internet cables under the sea (i.e. more than 25 times the earth’s circumference)
  • 9% of Americans would be willing to have sex with a robot
  • 62% of doctors have already prescribed at least one connected object to their patients